What Are Bullion Coins?

What Are Bullion CoinsIts important to know difference between Bullion coins and Numismatic coins. Bullion coins are aimed at:

  • Investors
  • To hedge against inflation
  • As a survival strategy.

They have a pure 99.9% silver or gold content.

In Australia we have a variety of Perth mint coins such as the popular Silver kookaburra , Koala and Lunar series. They have also produced Gold coins such as the Kangaroo series and Lunar series.

  • These coins are exempt from GST for Australian buyers. International bullion includes US Gold or silver eagles
  • Canadiansilver maple leaf coins
  • South African Krugerrands.

Australian bullion coins are one of the best worldwide coins for investing in pure gold and silver coins.

  • Pure Gold coins are 99.99% pure gold.
  • Pure Silver coins are 99.9 % pure silver


These are considered collectible coins and in Australia attract 10% GST for Australian coins buyers

Their price is not connected to the spot price of gold or silver but to their rarity and condition All Ancient coins from Greek to Roman or ancient shipwreck coins are really popular numismatic coins for coins collectors and some make coin collection of one distinct period or time and place.

Commemorative coins are also best purchased for enjoyment and rarely should they be considered as investment unless extremely rare and in Mint condition.

Numismatic coins is fantastic hobby and has many rewards for enjoyment and sourcing to collect Rare coin market as in all antiques has slowed down since 2009 a antiques are now sold off by this new generation who don’t collect or hold their parents valuable possessions due to smaller and more modern style housing but ancient coins still hold some magical mystic and mystery to them for coin collections

What Is A Silver Bullion Coin?

Government Mints worldwide produce silver bullion coins at 99.9% pure silver and back them with their guaranty of purity so they are easily traded and trusted worldwide . Even private mints now produce silver rounds and are trusted as pure silver Most popular size is the once ounce silver round up to one kilo silver bullion coin

What is Gold Bullion?

Government and Private Mints worldwide produce Gold bullion coins at 99.9% gold and back them with their guaranty of purity so they are easily traded and trusted worldwide The American Gold eagle is the most sought after gold coin in the world today .

The South African krugerrand is also very popular as worldwide trading coin

The Canadian gold Leaf coin has not been as popular a s the design does scratch easily and therefore many investors do not purchase them now.

The Australian gold Kangaroo is gaining in popularity as they are 9999 pure fine gold and comes in coin capsule so the coin is protected. Mexican Peso and Australia 100 coronas are not a s popular but can be purchased at low premium.

Bullion Bars Silver Bars from Scottsdale and Johnathon Mints are popular form one ounce to 10 ounce or kilo bars 99.95 pure silver and recognized world wide Morgan silver bar displays famous Morgan coin on the bar Provident prospector one ounce bar 99.9% pure silver Gold Bars are 99.9% pure gold and start from small one gram bars to half and one and two ounce bars up to 10 ounce Bars

Gold bars from Perth mint coins are one ounce and popular worldwide

US Silver Trade unit Silver trade units or silver rounds can be good source for bullion buyers The united states had massive Strategic silver holdings in 1981 so produced Silver trade unit of one troy ounce It is .999 pure silver and 31.1 grams one troy ounce

Silver rounds also include Scottsdale Omnia, 99.95 purer silver Britannia 2016 royal mint 99.9% pure silver Silver Buffalo one ounce 99.9% pure silver

Junk Coins

Australian and United States have silver junk coins for investors. These parcel lots can be good buying if the price is close to spot price but condition can vary greatly and many coins be worn or bent.

Unites states junk coins Silver coins before 1965 were 90% silver including quarters, dimes, and even half-dollars.

Silver coins 1965 to 1970, The Kennedy half dollars were 40% SILVER

Australian junk coins Australian Pre 1946 silver coins are 92.% silver ,same a British silver coins Australian post 1946 silver coins are only 50% silver as silver was reduced to pay for the war debt.

UK Sovereign gold coins Uk Gold Sovereign’s are very popular but are not pure gold as they are 22 carat gold since 1817

The gold sovereigns weigh 7.988052 g (0.2817702 oz)

22 carat is 9162/3 /1000 Gold Content: 7.322381 g = 0.235420 (exactly: 1320/5607) troy ounces or 113.0016

Sovereign’s were also produced in Bombay and delhi India, Ottawa Canada, Pretoria South Africa gold sovereign coins,

and in Australia in Melbourne M ,Sydney S,perth P with initials stamped into each coin of mint it was produced it and Australian sovereigns are very popular as they supplied England under the British empire.

They are still considered good investment coins and collectors will pay premium if coin in mint condition When is the best time to buy bullion coins?

Many chartists map and have strategy for when you buy or sell from peaks to lows for silver and gold bullion Silver has traded since 2005 to 2016 spot price from low $7.00 to high $35 per ounce What is the gold to silver ratio?

So many factors affect the price of bullion from economics to emotional issues but the ratio To work out the ratio divide spot price for one ounce silver into gold End 2016 ratio is just above 70.1 Few years ago it was 50.1 But years ago in mid 1960 it was 15.1 Many chartist do algorithms to suggest what id best silver or gold bullion?

For investors we recommend continually purchases, have set budget to buy your preferred silver or gold bullion and stick to that budget regales of price till you accumulate at least 5% of your assets in bullion silver or gold

Gold has been utilized to produce coins since the invention of coinage was begun. Gold coins were considered to be the Life Blood of Mediterranean in selling business during the second millennium.

The land between Euphrates and Tigris is known as Egypt.

The coins were described in crude shapes and consisted of gold in different purities. During the 6th centenary B.C., Western Turkey, formerly known as Lydia minted the first controlled and weighed gold coins.

Greek and Roman Empires decided to mint gold coins with emperors head stamped on the coin’s side. However, Alexander “The Great” occupied Persia and seized over 700,000 (Troy oz) of gold.

Meanwhile, Rome produced various numbers of gold coins on a large scale and was spread out over the entire Roman Empire including Britain.

Europe and its various nations also produced popular gold trading coins which are the following: The Austrian produced gold ducat, which is considered the largest coin with measured 40 millimetres in diameter. France produced the famous rooster gold coin. Russia minted millions of “5 N 10” gold coins.

USA minted the famous Indian Head and gold Eagle coins, but in the melancholy of 1933 USA owned these gold coins and made it legal to make their own.

Gold coins are mostly available in 1/10 oz, 1/20 oz, 1/25 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and even in smallest sizes of 0.5 grams. Today, it is significant to recognize the fineness of gold coins. Most of the time, metals are assorted with gold to make the coin more long lasting as pure gold. They are soft and sometimes harshly treated.

Below is the detailed fact about the gold. Karat is the recognized unit of gold (fineness) which is equivalent to 1/24 part of pure gold. Smelted pure gold is considered 1000 pure.

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