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Spanish shipwreck coins. When one talks about shipwrecks the Spanish galleons that plundered the new world instantly come to mind for most people. One cannot image how much value the Spaniards looted and plundered from the new world of Peru ,Chile ,Mexico and other part Latin America As example there is the hidden valley in Peru where there were 60,000 locals mining in one valley alone and over 5 years most died from the hard work so African slaves were also bought in to keep digging in the silver mines. This is just one valley so it’s easy to see in today’s values the billions dollars of gold and silver that was plundered. there are hundreds shipwrecks containing silver and gold bullion a s the Spanish were in Latin America for hundreds years and built their own mints to smelt the silver and gold into coins and to take back to Spain. Some interesting and famous ship wrecks include famous 1715 fleet Spain dominated the seas in late 15th century and there was 400 shipwrecks just off Puerto Rico and around 1,000 shipwrecks carrying incredible treasures and many of these ships were attacked by English pirates who were under orders for the Queen to plunder Spanish ships and take their valuable cargo Spain made the famous Reals silver 8 coins and had their own famous mints in Mexico city, Peru, Lima, Potosi in Bolivia, Santa Fe De Bogotá Columbia. This silver coin was large It weighed 27.47 grams and was .9305 purity pure silver Some famous ship wrecks include Cazador which sunk in 1783 and was found by fisherman in 1993 Joana shipwreck in 1682 contained 4 reales of silver coins and was found in 1980 Santa Leocadia which sunk 1800 and most coins were recovered