History Of Silver Coins

History of silver coins and now when do you buy silver bullion coins?

Silver coins have been minted since ancient times and are considered the oldest mass form of coinage. Silver mass coins can date back to 1500 but crude shapes were also used before this time Investing In Silver Coins Silver coins are the most popular way to circumvent against price increase and balance selection risk in these turbulent financial times we live in.

ancient silver coin

Ancient greek minted the famous Drachmas as silver trade coin, Ancient Romans minted silver Denarii coins in Rome but did not let their provinces mint silver coins as they considered silver a prestigious political coin. The Romans went to considerable effort to mine silver. They were experts at separating silver from lead The Romans mined the ore deep underground and used huge 40 feet diameter water wheels to keep water out of their deep silver mines ,some of these three system wheels were only discovered in 2010 and still in good condition

. The Roman Aquifer system was also very long and extensive Romans also used similar methods to mine gold in Spain in 25AD The British even made pennies up to 1797 till silver was worth more than the coinage value

spanish 8 reale silver coin

The Ancient Spanish made the famous silver 8 Reale coin in its silver rich colonies of South America. Many countries produced silver coins known as crowns and n most standardised size was 38 mm. Modern day trade Dollars Trade dollars silver coins were minted late 1800 to early 1900 .

From US silver Trade Unit Dollars including Strategic silver stockpile to British ,Chinese, Japanese, Austrian silver coins USA produced popular silver trade dollar coins. Congress approved the minting of silver trade coins in 1873 to trade with China At this time the silver Mexican peso was recognized trade unit so the US trade dollar does have similar reverse to the peso coin.

The Chinese traders would stamp these coins with advertisement for their business. Japan minted trade Dollars from 1875 to 1877 of 27.22 grams each of 900 silver But because of their high bullion content they were with drawn form circulation

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United Kingdom produced trade dollars when founding Singapore in 1819 and Hong Kong in 1842 to stop reliance on the many different currencies that were used in these country . The Opium wars of 1839-1843,1856,1860 increased use of the British trade Dollars silver coin Austria 1780 Maria Theresa Trade coin of Austria was one of the most popular silver Trade coins of Europe and over 800 million were minted and each minting had same date 1780 and has been described a s one of the worlds most beautiful silver coin! Arab countries would only trade with Europe for these recognized coins above any European coin..

mexico silver coin

Mexico The peso was originally the name of the eight-real coins issued by Spain in Mexico. And first peso was minted in 1823 of .903 silver In 1920 Mexico changed silver content to 72%silver oue.720 and kept this percentage for 25 years, in 1918 silver Mexican coin were 14.5 grams This silver peso coin was a powerful trade coin til in 1957 they were only only 10% silver or 16 gram coin with 1.6 grams silver


The US trade dollar surpassed this coin eventually as worlds most trusted trade coin Japan Made rectangular silver coins called Kae Ansei Isshugin in 1850

but stopped production when western round coins arrived with western visitors, today these are popular coins for collectors due to their unique shape .

Most silver coins are 99.90% pure silver but the Canadian silver maple leaf coins is 99.99% pure so favoured as an investment against inflation .

The Mexican silver liberated is also popular at 99.90% silver as well as the Chinese silver panda.

Austria has always been a strong silver coinage producing country from the popular kreuzor and Mary Theresa silver coin to the 2008 Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic coins. Today the most popular silver coins are one ounce silver around 39-42 mm diameter.

canadian silver coinj

USA Silver coins Morgan Silver Dollar The Morgan dollar name dafter is designer G T Morgan was minted in 1878 to 1904 and than skipped years till 1921. The silver coin is .900 silver, 90% silver and 0.77344 troy ounces per coin The famous Trade dollar was also produced at this time but that was intended for international trade and the Morgan dollar for home consumption.

In 1904 the coin there was an over abundance of silver coins and silver mining had slowed down so they ceased production till 1921 when 270 million silver coins were minted.

Peace Dollar After 1921 the Peace dollar was minted on and off till 1935 and was the last silver coin minted for circulation in the United States. The 1923 peace dollar has the highest mintage and is stamped TRVST instead of TRUST as the designers’ felt creative and used Latin spelling so TRVST stands for Trust. American Silver Eagle American silver eagle was first minted in 1986 with one troy ounce of 99.9% silver. Today this coin is one of the worlds most highly recognized silver coin as a hedge against inflation and current economic problems. Even in 2008 The mint suspended temporarily orders from its agents a s silver coin orders were so high and production was months behind. Than again in 2009 the mint temporarily stopped excepting orders for its proof and uncirculated silver Eagles.

The mint minted some 28 million silver eagles in 2009 smashing the 9 million mintage in 2008 Canadian Silver coins Canada minted its first silver coin in 1858 and has currency based same as its strong neighbour USA 100 cents to one dollar. In 1870 the 0.25 and 0.50 cent silver coins were more nationalist coins and the Royal Canadian mint gained world reputation s highly professional mint The Canadian mint produced striking quality silver coins from 1935 to 1966 that are 80% pure silver and now the Voyagers design is recognized world wide.

Today the maple Leaf silver coin is has one of the highest silver purity in the world of 99.99% silver so is considered a highly desirable silver coin. First minted in 1988 the one ounce silver coin has face value of $5.00 and 31.1 grams silver Most mints produce silver coins at 99.90 % purity a s it need specialized heat exchange to obtain suck high purity so The Maple leaf is in many investors collections for this purity reason and easily exchangeable for cash

australian croc silver coin

Australian silver coins

The Perth Mint coins in Australia has solid reputation of quality recognized silver coin equal to USA n Canada The Lunar silver coin series first released in 1999 are 99.9% pure silver and has been favourite amongst silver collectors due to series available each year with different reverse to follow the Chinese zodiac over 12 years. Most recognized silver coin is the famous Kookaburra and koala series. Both these coins have easily recognized Australian marsupial and are available in following sizes- one ounce, two ounce, 5 ounce,10 ounce ,one kilo

. Production at the mint has been modified few times in 2010 due to high demand for silver coins from European buyers in that some months they only produce one kilo silver coins so to catch up with European orders due to euro crisis Do not clean old silver coins as if they are valuable it will decrease their price. Silver coins can be cleaned in Baking Soda, Electrorolysys method, using ammonia or commercial cleaning jewelry products.

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