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Set of Circulated Guernsey Coins

Dimensions (mm)
17.140 x 17.140 x 1.070mm
Weight (g)

Set of Guernsey Coins.

This is a circulated set of Guernsey, Channel Islands Coins. Each coin is from the first year of issue for that coin, except for the Fifty pence, which is the second issue.

1/2 penny, Penny, Two Pence are dated 1971.

Five Pence and Two Pence are dated 1968.

Twenty Pence is dated 1983.

Fifty Pence is dated 1983.

A One Pound and Two Pound coin would complete this set.

These are all in a circulated condition and the Twenty Pence has a heavy toning, but it was a difficult one to find.

Why collect coins from Guernsey or the Channel Islands? This in an area steeped in history and was the only UK territory occupied by Germany in WWII (look out for some of the banknotes). It also has a very low mintage of each coin type.

Please note that the measurements and weight in the boxes above are for the smallest coin.

Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shop. I'm hoping to add new pieces every week.

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British Dealer in affordable World Coins since 1992. Focussing on the "pocket money" level to encourage new collectors, old and young. An interesting and varied collection doesn't have to cost the earth. I started collecting when I was very young. I was fascinated by the variety of designs, materials and sizes, of course at that age it was more about they were all different. As I got little older, I started to collect more and more countries, types and then years. Gradually upgrading what I had as the opportunity arose. My goal is to offer many inexpensive pieces to help start and grow an interest into a rewarding hobby. On occasion I find pieces of coin jewellery which I will offer for sale. Seeing coins made into jewellery and objects often horrifies collectors, but they should also be considered a piece of social history.
Okehampton, United Kingdom
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