Record Sales for October and November

October & November have been record months for our auction sites. Many buyers are purchasing quality items at great value prices from our trusted verified sellers.

Opal Auctions has had record sales of Ethiopian, Brazilian and Australian opals.

Gem Rock Auctions sales have been strong for Certified Gemstones.

Coins Auctions had a record month for Perth Mint coins.

Our latest site Jewelry Auctioned has many repeat buyers buying a variety of gemstone jewelry. We look forward to all our new buyers joining our community of loyal repeat buyers, who appreciate our quality products.

Investors are now informing themselves to the rarity of opals and gemstones to add to their investment portfolios.

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Many investors are dismayed with shares and financial advisers and now want to hold a precious opal or gemstone or coins.

Opalauctions which specializes in opals has had opal records sales in lead up to Xmas and start of 2011 has seen many top quality opals sold in the $20,0000 to $35,000 price points and many astute buyers buying $300 to $1000 opals .

Most opals are black opals and boulder opals and Ethiopian opals.

GemRockAuctions which specializes in gemstone s has seen good demand for Certified Gemstones in the $200 to $1,000 price point.

Ruby’s that have not been enhanced are good value to have in a portfolio and buyers should inform themselves of treatments before purchasing as natural gemstones are ideal for a portfolio.

Wayne Sedawie, owner of the auction network says buyers are looking for quality opals and gemstones ,silver and gold coains a s investment or as a heirloom.

He has seen a rise in demand for rare gemstones as pink diamonds to demand for rare harlequin patterns in opal.

Demand started before Christmas when his coin-auctioned site had steady demand for Perth mint silver coins from investor’s

Reports state Warren Buffet returned over 60% on his investment in 2010 and most investors are lucky to get 5% return on managed investments.

Warren Buffet also known as the oracle of Omaha is considered the greatest investor of all time. What many people do not know is that Buffet bought silver from 1997 to 2006 accumulating over 37% of the world’s known silver supply. He has since subsequently sold at prices ranging around $7.50. Even back then he felt he sold out early reporting at a 2006 Berkshire Hathaway meeting. Commentating that ‘I bought early and sold early. Silver was my fault. Speculation is wildest at the end.’ However since 2006 much has changed with paper/fiat currency no longer seen as trustworthy and precious commodities now taking back their age old role of preferred currencies. This is not a transitory change, precious metals have been currencies for thousands of years. What was strange was people actual trusted governments and central banks with promises of IOU’s. Even the great JP Morgan said that gold is cash, everything else is credit.

Silver coins increased over 60% last year and rare pattern black opals have a reputation of increasing 20 % to 30% over last 20 years

Opals n Gemstones are considered by those in the industry harder and more expensive to mine worldwide and rare gems getting harder to find than in the past.

Today we have so many government bodies from mining department to environment and safety aspects ,which even 10 years ago didn’t exist and this makes mining far more expensive and increase fuel prices are expensive ,as D8 bulldozer can go thru few thousand dollars a week in fuel plus spare parts all making it more expensive to find a gem.

Supply and Demand has already affected prices with quality items selling quickly so now is the time to ad rare gemstone or opal to your portfolio

$20,000 black opal

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