Do you have $10 Million Rare Coin in your collection?

A rare coin just sold for record $10 million —1794 Flowing Hair Silver dollar

Do you have rare coin ? It may be worth millions

It is rarity and condition that can make coin rare

But who knows what is in Grandmas old chest draws?

Many coin collectors think ancient means rare.

This is not the case

Take the silver 8 Reales

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The Spanish plundered south America for centuries

Thousands ship carried millions coins across the Atlantic.

Most have been melted by millions still remain but hard to find in good condition

Ancient Rome were prolific producer of coins as their empire lasted 1456 years

The EMPIRE that was Rome lasted about 475 years.

Or Rome as the Republic and Empire then it started in 753BC and ended in 476AD.

Or 1,100 years

That is if you meant the Western part. If you meant the Eastern then about 1456 years in the East.

Ancient Roman empire had around 30 million citizens at its peak across many borders and each area had rights to produce its own coins

How many coins today would population of 30 million people need?

RAN had minted around 540million $1 and $2 coins over last ten years.

Average 54 million coins per year for Australians population of 22 million odd

around 2.5 coins for every man woman or child

So for an educated guess say 1000 years and producing 2.5 million coins per annum that would make Twenty five millions coins.

If half the coins lost that would still make around 10 million ancient Roman coins .

And ancient Rome did not have paper money or Credit crads!

I think the figure may be lot higher as when Rome took over a country they made Governor head of the state and they could put their own image of their head on the local coins

Obviously the ruler wanted his image to be seen by everyone.

Rome only allowed these provinces to make coins from bronze not silver a s only Rome had the power to produce silver coins.

Good luck in your hunting!

Someone has to have an undiscovered rare Coin!

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