Intermediate Launches has now officially launched on 11th June 2009.

Following on from the successful format of sister sites Opal Auctions and Gem Rock Auctions, Coins Auctioned provides ancient coins, coin collections and various other collectors treasures to the public at wholesale prices.

Coins plus specializes in silver and gold coins and has been perth mint coinsdistributor since 2009 and has purchased direct from Mint for over 25 years Bullion silver coins have been popular and coinsplus also offer silver coins from united states coins and canadian coinsthat have mints with high standards as Australia’s.

Australia had good range of silver coins post pre 1946 silver coins

and are popular a s most homes still have few silver coins kept away in draws. No reserve coin auction are held every two months and included mostly silver coins

The site also has ancient silver coins

and Spanish and Roman are most popular and ancient Shipwreck coins from Spanish colonial days in south America are keenly sought after by coin collectors.and Chinese shipwreck coins

are also affordable as bronze coins covered in limestone are popular to keep. Many collectors by their local currency in coin collections but other will buy wildlife or set type coin that appeals to them, so it is personal choice but bullion buyers just work on spot price plus few dollars for mint.

Paper currency from war years is also popular and Japanese had shilling notes ready for Australia! Colonial coins are for collectors of the old colonial world and Europe and Uk have so much interesting history and coins help explain these periods of countries achievements.

Coin jewelry cover ancient coin pendants to modern day coin key rings

We wish all buyers and sellers a happy and fun experience on out site

Update July 2016

When site was started we would sell high proportion Perth mint High coins as relief silver coins in packaging

But we noticed over the years this market segment wasn’t growing strong as buyers were paying premium for packaging plus GST tax as the coins were not classified as silver bullion and Australian buyers had to pay extra 10% GST on these coins.

So over the years we have seen increase in buying bullion coins and bullion

Australian bullion coins have had rapid acceptance in bullion coins’ dealers worldwide so now the top bullion silver coin mints are Canadian, Australian and USA mints

In USA the US silver trade unit or rounds are now very popular.

This category started with the excess silver from the strategic silver stockpile in 1981 and since than many mints in usa make rounds which are one ounce pure 99.9% silver and are most times lower cost than silver bullion coin

Rounds are 999 pure silver or 99.9% pure silver

Bullion Bars as Silver bullion bars or Gold bullion bars are also growing segment for investors.

Over years we have found buyers still like numismatic coins and buyers prefer coins from their own country and w e have following for ancient coins where people still enjoy the romance of owing few inexpensive ancient roman coins to collectors who want exact time period or coin or to purchase shipwreck coins from Spanish shipwrecks

1987 gold nugget coin Golden eagle 1931

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Hi it seems lot more demand now for one pounce silver rounds as you list more now
Most are 999 pure silver and few are 99.99% pure silver and made in usa or Australia
So what is advantage of these rounds compared to silver bullion coins?

17th Oct 2016

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