WORLD COINS Many collectors obtain great satisfaction form buying coins from a particular country, especially if it is a country that you do not live in. You can collect coins that are similar from animals to plants to wildlife or ancient shipwreck coins or even to collect coins from countries that no longer exist now like Belgian Congo, Portuguese guinea, Saarland,Tibet,Malacca. It is so interesting to collect coins that show us history of the country or empire Consider collecting coins or specialize in one or more of these areas of specialty Its incredible how many fields you can specialize in and enjoy.

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Ancient coins or medieval coins. Roman, Greek ,Islamic British empire coins Dutch indies coins French territorial coins Olympic coins from all over the world Sports coins form around the world Collect Tokens Ancient Asian empires Ancient Indian empires Bi metallic coins Low mintage coins Coins with animals from around the world Coins with gemstones series African coins Paper money Vatican coins Pacific island coins Historic old coins Middle eastern coins.

Chinese coins Australian pre decimal coins Coin ste Proof sets Uncirculated coins Nazi coins Coin books There is So much history to learn when studying coins.

Did you know around the seventh centaury BC Lydia now Turkey made lump of gold and silver called electrum which were stamped with a single punch.

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At about the same time coins were made in the Indus valley now know as Pakistan consisting of a silver bar punched similar to hallmark And also china used coins for bartering in this same period, they made bronze coins tat were used for centuries..

So start a collection that appeals to you ,you can buy a series complete, that is coins made as one series and have the entire collection or buy bits and pieces and add to your collection. Many collectors do not see their collections as an investment, but for enjoyment only So it depends on your level of involvement and to what you collect as to if there is demand for your coins.

If you collect rare coins there has to be the possibility that they will increase in price, but it is the same age old supply and demand factors. For example a African country might make limited mintage but not many collectors will pay premium for these coins, but rare coins from a strong society are always in demand.

We suggest you always start collecting as a hobby and for enjoyment before considering it as an investment as no need to rush in if silver rises for example ,the price of silver coins will increase but these investors sell when the price goes down so you need long term strategy in buying coins It is also obvious you need product knowledge before you spend a lot of money So do you home work and understand the coins in the period that interests you.

A big advantage on coins auctioned is that sellers have to be verified before they can sell and have to be a member of a trade or coin organisation

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