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Coins-auctioned is the only auction site that specializes in Perth Mint coins offered at below official price in our $1.00 No reserve auctions.

We often offer new releases from the Perth mint as well as many popular Perth Mint Series.

Opalplus trading as Coinsplus has been dealing in Perth mint coins so some 18 years and were appointed Distributor in august 2007.

New Australian coins are post 1966 and popular with collectors are Perth mint Coin Collections including Discover Australia, Australian Lunar series 11,Treasues Of Australia, Koala and Australian Animal coins and Collectors new coins in one ounce silver or Gold as 1/10 ,1/20, ½ ounce and one ounce Gold Coins.

Popular coins are the silver one ounce series coins in superb packaging and presentation certificates.

We can offer gold coins or bars at spot price plus handling fee as well as platinum or silver coins.

Popular series has been the Treasures Of Australia sapphire ,Diamond ,Opal and gold series as each coin has a one ounce coin and gemstones in a locket.

Gemstones include sapphires, Opals, diamonds and Pearls. This series is certified and comes in presentation box, so popular with collectors.

2009 was good year for many collectors series including transformers,Fall of the berlin wall,Chinese myhtological charatcers,Barbie coin,and popular battle coins series,battle of Balaklava,Hastings,Poltava.

Also Popular Lunar sries of the silver one ounce coin Year of The Ox

2010 is a great year for Lunar series of the Year of The Tiger,one of the most sought after series of tiger,so perth mint has releases silver coins in one ounce and half ounce and kilo coin for year of the tiger

Also good range of gold coins including,one ounce, 1/10 ounce ,1/4 ounce and three coin gold sets in presentation packaging

2010 series also include famous Kookaburra and Koala series silver coin that are always collected worldwide by perth mint collectors

Another popular new series is Australia Sea life series,lionfish sold out and coin only 1/2 ounce silver coin.

2010 will be good year for coin collectors as perth mint has world class variety of good collectors coins this year

Treasures Of Australia gold One Ounce Silver proof Locket coin was released 1st feb 2010 and was an instant success

Perth mint had orders for over 20,000 of these coins from wholesalers but only minted 7,500 worldwide.

Sales are limited to one per customer only at Perth Mint and will sell out in few weeks time and this coin will be highly regarded internationally as were the diamond ,opals and sapphire series.

The Gold coin Treasures Of Australia gold One Ounce gold proof Locket coin was also released. This coin has 1.00 grams of Aussie gold nuggets compared to the silver coin that has 0.50 grams of gold nuggets.

Only 1,000 gold coins will be minted

Both coins have the nuggets in patented locket container making this coin so popular.

Also released is new series, famous navy battles. Naval Battles 1oz Silver Proof Coin Series The Battle of Salamis 480BC

Starting with The Battle Of Salamis in 480 BC and following series will include- Trafalgar, Hampton Road, Jutland and Midway.

Other popular coins released at start 2010 is the Australian Sea Life ½ ounce silver proof Clowfish,commonly called Nemo .

The gilded one ounce Australian silver koala was also released which has precision 24- cart gilding on the koala.

Lachlan Macquarie ,governor of NSW one ounce silver coin will be popular for Historians of Australian history, Also a stamp and coin commemoration will be available in Feb. 2010

March Update. 2010.

Siver Bullion coins are in high demand from one ounce to one kilo silver bullion

Perth Mint sold out of the series one ounce silver treasures Of Australia Gold Nugget Locket coins but the Gold series is still available at $2,500.00

Latest release s include Sydney cove Medallion Silver proof coin which also contains large Wedgwood Plate, as must display for your cabinets.

Centenary of Powered flight also has stamp included. Air flight coins are always popular.

Australian Antarctic Territory series 2010 husky will be popular with collectors of the Antarctic a s well as dog collectors series

Famous Ballets Silver proof coin set is so artistic and delicate dances on coin faces.

Anzac day coins are a must for every Aussies collector.

Australian sea life series has had Seahorse coin added which will be a s popular as Clownfish and Leafy sea dragon all half ounce silver proof coins

1981 space Shuttle orbital coin last in popular space shuttle series.