Gold Bullion Bars 7 Produkte

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Bullion Bars are often the most cost effective way to buy precious metals.

Gold Bullion Bars are 99.99% pure gold and bars are offered at gram price per bar.

These bars are not legal tender but gold bullion bars.

Many are minted by private mints such as Scottsdale who manufactures these gold bars in certified sealed locked capsule.

Valcambi based in Switzerland manufactures Combi bars and these are only one gram and offered as 20 one-gram pieces per slice. The idea is, its very practical to buy and trade with one gram but still purchase at reasonable price for these Bars.

PAMP also form Switzerland manufactures sealed bars one to five grams

Perth Mint in western Australia had had long history of making gold bars.

5 Gram bars are offered sealed and numbered and popular 10-gram motif of Kangaroo on gold bars.

5 Gram bars of Chinese Mythology include, Longevity, Fortune, Wealth, success.