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Pure silver Bullion coins are Minted in Australia by the Perth mint in western Australia

These silver coins are 99.9% pure silver and therefore are tax free with no GST

Other countries bullion coins are also tax free if these are pure silver like Canada and USA

But many European countries have 640 to 925 silver and these are not tax free.

Also if silver coin is box d in packaging they are not tax free and GST has to be added

This is why bullion coins are so popular for collectors and investors plus the fact you have an uncirculated coin to own

Most popular coin is the one ounce coin and also 5 and 10 oz and one kilo silver coin are popular with investors

Also Australia bullion coins are renown worldwide for their detailed workmanship and the 1,000 tonne press mints huge volumes for the world s bullion coin collectors

Many people today do not realise the war debt w e had after WW2 so that was reason for silver coins to drop from 92.55 silver to 50 5 silver and many European countries had to do the same

Than when w e changed to decimal in 1966 our mint mad e mistake of not calculating increase in silver process so when the .50 cent silver coin was minted it was worth more than its legal face value

So most went overseas to be melted .Not many counties have ever made this mistake and today bullion silver prices are exact on day of mintage