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Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan dollar name dafter is designer G T Morgan was minted in 1878 to 1904 and than skipped years till 1921.

The silver coin is .900 silver, 90% silver and 0.77344 troy ounces per coin

The famous Trade dollar was also produced at this time but that was intended for international trade and the Morgan dollar for home consumption.

In 1904 the coin there was an over abundance of silver coins and silver mining had slowed down so they ceased production till 1921 when 270 million silver coins were minted.

Peace Dollar

After 1921 the Peace dollar was minted on and off till 1935 and was the last silver coin minted for circulation in the United States.

The 1923 peace dollar has the highest mintage and are stamped TRVST instead of TRUST as the designers’ felt creative and used Latin spelling so TRVST stands for Trust.

American Silver Eagle

American silver eagle was first minted in 1986 with one troy ounce of 99.9% silver.

Today this coin is one of the worlds most highly recognized silver coin as a hedge against inflation and current economic problems.

Even in 2008 The mint suspended temporarily orders from its agents a s silver coin orders were so high and production was months behind.

Than again in 2009 the mint temporarily stopped excepting orders for its proof and uncirculated silver Eagles.

Do not clean old silver coins as if they are valuable it will decrease their price.

Silver coins can be cleaned in Baking Soda, Electrorolysys method, using ammonia or commercial cleaning jewelry products.

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