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The Banknote Yearbook UK/GB (11th Edition)

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The Banknote Yearbook (11th Edition)

Pages: 552

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Token Publishing

Author: Various

Condition: New

After a long coronavirus enforced delay the BRAND NEW 11th edition of the BANKNOTE YEARBOOK is AVILABLE NOW! At an impressive 552 pages (other sources state 568 which is incorrect) this hardbound book is the perfect reference for all collectors of English, Scottish, Irish, Channel Island and Ilse of Man banknotes with all the notes of the main banks (and the early Treasury notes) covered and illustrated in full colour. It includes a full price guide for all notes (most in three grades) and has been fully update in line with market movements. It also contains all the new issue notes from the past four years right up to, and including, the new British polymer “Turing” £50 which features on the front cover. This book is a must have for collectors; with the 10th edition having completely sold out this one has been very eagerly awaited – order your copy today.

My thoughts. My go to for British Paper money is English Paper Money (out of print, but I will be getting copies as soon as there's a new edition), the reason for this is it's much more detailed, but harder to understand for the less avid collectors.

The Banknote Yearbook is easy to use, contains of the UK paper (and polymer) money as well as Scottish and Irish Issues. The Channel Islands and Isle of Man sections are very useful and not covered by most books. The section on errors is interesting, but as always with errors, the price is what the seller wants. This book is a great resource and I always buy a copy when a new version is available.

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Coin and Banknote dealer with over 30 years experience based in the UK. This is alongside being a Goldsmith and Silversmith. My interest in Coins and Banknotes started with a bag of old coins when I was fairly young. I spent many hours casually looking through them and eventually looking in much more detail. It then became an addiction, the need to complete each section, series, denomination. It started with Wren Farthings by year and has evolved into so much more with my collection expanding into Celtic Coinage after a metal detecting trip. I collect and deal in all denominations of currency from the UK, Commonwealth and British Territories, as well as Coinage from all over the world. I have a particular interest in UK micro varieties. Banknotes are a very close subject, and my collecting started with an auction lot bought by mistake (I bid on the wrong lot number) when I was in my teens. A mistake that developed into a rewarding hobby. As my collection progressed and upgraded, I needed to start selling on. Before buying any coins or banknotes, please ensure that they are not prohibited from being imported in your country. Due to the high percentage of fraudulent transactions I no longer send to Central America, South America, India, Pakistan or Africa. Russia is now on my list of banned countries due to current events. Unfortunately this harms the innocent people of Russia as well as those responsible. For international orders, all duty and tax fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Please see my other shops here;

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    Nicely packaged beautiful coin, Great quality, will be coming back......soon

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    The item is as the descrption, was shipped out quickly. Thank you!


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