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A History of the Sovereign: Chief Coin of the World by K. Clancy

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290.000 x 225.000 x 15.000mm
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A History of the Sovereign: Chief Coin of the World by K. Clancy

Pages: 112

Format: Hardback with dust jacket.

Publisher: Royal Mint Museum

Author: Kevin Clancy

Condition: New

Lavishly illustrated throughout in colour.

In his new book 'A History of the Sovereign: Chief Coin of the World ', Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of The Royal Mint Museum and leading expert on British coinage, recalls the history, manufacture and design of The Royal Mint’s flagship coin. Dr Clancy brings the story of The Sovereign to life in his authoritative book, and offers a fresh perspective on the rich 500-year history of this remarkable gold coin.

 Accompanied by a wealth of images, this book offers a fascinating account of the history of The Sovereign and its role in trade, politics and the spread of Britain’s influence throughout the world. Offering an insight into how The Sovereign was used, the book explores the role of money in people’s lives and its place in British culture.

From a personal point of view, This book is more about the history of the sovereign, how it came to be and what was going on at the time. A great book for producing a more rounded knowledge of the subject.

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