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South African Gold Sovereign Coins



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South Africa has good reputation for silver coins in same league as Australian and Canadian Mints.

Coins of all these countries have been influenced by their wealth of these minerals ,gold and silver and each country has massive mines

Also this country was first to make a one ounce gold coin known as the Krugerrand in 1967 and this coin has been popular with gold collectors ever since.

The Krugerrand is one ounce and 32.77 mm dimaeter,2.84 mm thickness, Serrations 160 and weighs 33.930

Weight is very important in coins as counterfeits made from tungsten and gold plated do not weight correct weight

Another gold coin is the2 Rand coin 1966

The silver five shillings coin is 80% silver content 1948 to 1951 and 50% silver 1951 , South Africa Queen ELIZABETH II 5 Shillings Silver Coin Springbrook and the two shillings coin is 50% this country was under British rule they did introduce the three pence and six pence

Production has been high for these coins so increase has been closely set to the silver spot price

SA Mint was established in Pretoria in 1892 and has been world leader in silver and coin bullion.aftre the Bore war it wa s British colony and hence similar coinage was introduced in 1920

Other countries with large silver mints have more different production schedules so coin is more different and even the Canadian maple is collected by yearly productions

The mandala series coin were popular and some were bi metallic coins .

south Africa category also has coins from Swaziland ,Malawi and Zambia included