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Colonial coins make fascinating collecting as it shows the power and domination of these European countries over other nations .

The Colonial powers were England France, Germany, Holland, Portuguese, Spanish

These countries were often at war with each other and all had strong navies to go and conquer other countries to blunder their wealth and each country bought their coinage system to these colonies.

England had the British empire and was made strong from blunder and control over several nations

Looking back at this empire one cannot be kind as strength came from sugar plantations in the Caribbean which lead to large worldwide alcohol business to selling opium to china nd starting opium wars. Never the less the empire did bring wealth and stability to many of it colonies and you can see this in coinage of countries ,Australia, Canada, south Africa, India, Rhodesia, Borneo , Gibraltor,East Africa, Ceylon , Malaysia and not forgetting America.

They also introduced the worlds smallest coin ,the tavern coin so as to give to beggars in india

French colonies were strong in asia for the spices and countries included New Caledonia,Indo china, , Polynesia, Togo, and also Haiti and Cameron and many coins show the famous French emblem the Rooster

Portuguese had Macao next to British in Hong Kong and Guinea

Dutch had control over Netherlands East indies or Indonesia and Curacao and minted coinage under Gulden silver coins

German had colonies in africa ,Cameroon ,east and West Africa