Australian Coins and Paper Money 75 Prodotti

Australia is fortunate to have two Mints both of world standard

The Royal Australian mint in Canberra for circulation coinage and The Perth mint in Western Australia for silver and gold bullion coins.

The Royal Australian mint has produced Australia Coinage since 1965 when the country changed to decimal currency.

Our silver coinage dates to Post and pre 1946 .silver coins made before 1946 had 92.5% silver and after 1946 the silver content was only 50% wars did effect silver content of coinage

Our system of coinage was similar to England a s we were a colony and used three pence ,six,pence ,shilling, florin, half crown, one penny, half penny and the popular gold sovereign coin

Australian bank notes now are made from Polymer with high security features and the old pound notes have had huge increases in process over the last 10 years.

Coin dealers do prefer the mint uncirculated condition coinage but one penny 1939 and Holly dollar are top mint coins.

Perth Mint is at full production of 3 shifts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to try and keep up with demand for silver and gold coins.

Silver one ounce and silver one kilo bullion coins are in high demand especially from European buyers

A new huge 1,000 tonne automatic press is now operating at The Mint . so that the mint can keep up production to meet insatiable demand for gold and silver coins.

Gold coins are still being manufactured but Mint is concentrating on silver one kilo coins for the foreseeable future.

Popular series are Koala and kookaburra one ounce coins that are 99 .9 purer silver and collected all over the world.