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Full Sovereign, Edward VII, 1909

Dimensiones (mm)
22.000 x 22.000 x 1.500mm
Peso (gramo)
Gold Coins

Full Sovereign, Edward VII, 1909

Country: UK Great Britain

Denomination: Full Sovereign

Monarch: Edward VII

Year: 1909

Material/Fineness: 22ct Gold (91.6% Pure)

Grade: AEF, Slight wear, cleaned, ex-mount (not soldered), edge still sharp

Mint: London (No Mint mark)

Mintage: 12,157,099

Weight Approx: 7.98 grams

Diameter Approx: 22mm

Thickness Approx: 1.5mm

KM# 805

Sp# 3969


Gold Sovereigns are exempt from UK Capital Gains Tax due to their status as legal tender. UK investment gold is VAT free. This makes these coins one of the most popular choices among UK investors.

Additional Notes: All coin gradings are my own and I would strongly suggest that you study the images carefully as they are an integral part of this listing.

Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shops. Buy more listings and pay one postage fee.

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Coin and Banknote dealer with over 30 years experience based in the UK. This is alongside being a Goldsmith and Silversmith. My interest in Coins and Banknotes started with a bag of old coins when I was fairly young. I spent many hours casually looking through them and eventually looking in much more detail. It then became an addiction, the need to complete each section, series, denomination. It started with Wren Farthings by year and has evolved into so much more with my collection expanding into Celtic Coinage after a metal detecting trip. I collect and deal in all denominations of currency from the UK, Commonwealth and British Territories, as well as Coinage from all over the world. I have a particular interest in UK micro varieties. Banknotes are a very close subject, and my collecting started with an auction lot bought by mistake (I bid on the wrong lot number) when I was in my teens. A mistake that developed into a rewarding hobby. As my collection progressed and upgraded, I needed to start selling on. Before buying any coins or banknotes, please ensure that they are not prohibited from being imported in your country. Due to the high percentage of fraudulent transactions I no longer send to Central America, South America, India, Pakistan or Africa. Russia is now on my list of banned countries due to current events. Unfortunately this harms the innocent people of Russia as well as those responsible. Please see my other shops here;
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hace 5 meses
Kenya, 2 Shillings, 1971,VF+
Kenya, 2 Shillings, 1971,VF+
The item is as the descrption, was shipped out quickly. Thank you!

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