Canadian Coins and Paper Money :valor Productos


In 1858 the first coins of Canada were 1, 5, 10 and 20 cent pieces these Canadian coins were struck at the Royal Mint in London . The first mass circulation of these coins was 500,000 5 cent coins, 1,250,000 10 cent coins and 750,000 20 cent coins.

King Edward VII\\\‘s first coinage of 1902 was issued. The 1902 5¢ coin is of interest to collectors, as its design includes the outmoded St. Edward\\\‘s Crown instead of the Imperial State Crown. These coins were hoarded upon being issued, as the public believed that an error had been made. In 1903, the design on the 5¢ was modified accordingly

Canadian silver maple coins are direct from the Royal Canadian mint Canada.

Coins are .9999 pure silver making these coins the highest silver purity struck by any mint.

One ounce .9999 silver maple leaf coin

Coin has the world renown famous single maple leaf is on the reverse and the obverse has sculpture of Queen Elizabeth 11.

Canadian Silver coins

Canada minted its first silver coin in 1858 and has currency based same as its strong neighbour USA 100 cents to one dollar.

In 1870 the 0.25 and 0.50 cent silver coins were more nationalist coins and the Royal Canadian mint gained world reputation s highly professional mint

The Canadian mint produced striking quality silver coins from 1935 to 1966 that are 80% pure silver and now the Voyagers design is recognized world wide.

Today the maple Leaf silver coin is has one of the highest silver purity in the world of 99.99% silver so is considered a highly desirable silver coin.

First minted in 1988 the one ounce silver coin has face value of $5.00 and 31.1 grams silver

Most mints produce silver coins at 99.90 % purity a s it need specialized heat exchange to obtain suck high purity so The Maple leaf is in many investors collections for this purity reason and easily exchangeable for cash

Canadian silver coins are considered to be in the top 3 investment and security investment to equal the Australian lunar series silver coins and the Silver eagles of USA