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Mauryan Empire BC 322-185 covered much of what we call India today and was controlled by the mauryan dynasty in ancient 322 BC Alexandra the great was with drawing from this area with Greek and Persian armies and left a vacuum of power which was filled by the mauryan dynasty. South Indian Coinage The figure and images from South India were restricted to dynastic ridges like the bull (Pallava), boar (Chalukya), bow and arrow (Cheras), fish (Pandya and Alupas), tiger (Chola), and lion (Hoysala). Attractive features are uncommon, and mysticism is almost not present until the medieval period from 14th to 16th centuries AD. Foreign Coin establish in India Ancient India had substantial deal links in the Europe (Rome and Greece), Middle East, and China. By that time, Roman trade with India was flourishing, and certainly making a balance of payments issue for the Roman Empire. In South India, maritime trade was taken place, and Roman coins distributed in their unusual form.

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