Bullion Bars :价值产品









Bullion bars have been popular since ancient times as investors who like to store or hold silver enjoy bars as they cost less to manufacture and are slightly cheaper than normal silver coin

Bullion bars used to be crudely made and stamped. One of the first bullion bar was the Japanese silver slug minted in late 17th century which was manufactured at Ginza mint and had hallmark seal of factory that made the silver and they were 35-40% silver but most importantly they were constant size and weight

So today bars are exact size weight n purity 99.9% pure silver or gold.

Bars are less expensive to make compared to round as press also had edges on round coins and bars are smooth

Bullion market is growing rapidly and is practice method to invest in silver and bullion as bars

Pricing is related to the spot price of gold and silver and contracts can be purchased to take possession at a certain fixed date on the futures contract market but rarely do investors take physical delivery of gold as there is actually not enough gold to supple these contracts

This is reason some people say the gold or silver market is manipulated, that’s may be the case but it is a commodity so people will always trade or try to manipulate or control .

Many of our buyers purchase silver or gold bullion on a set budget monthly or quarterly to build up stocks of bullion and is well proven method to constantly buy regardless if price goes up or down as these buyers have long term goals and with more silver used in solar panels and more silver sold than what is mined ,these long term buyers are making long term investment