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Bangkok, Thailand
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We deal in all type coins we have sliver coins, ancient coin etc. You can also easily offer a price.
Bangkok, Thailand
Your parcel is shipped within 3 Days, IN weekdays, once we received an E-mail from PayPal confirming your payment. We ship worldwide. For Combine Shipping, We Ship 3 Items Combine and More then 3 Items it will be charge more. Delivery of a parcel can take 15 - 20 Working days. Fast Shipping we Use DHL Express which are taking 4-6 Working Days. Please remember. Although we do our utmost best to take every care with all shipments, we have absolutely no control over any shipment once it has been shipped. Usually, all shipments are delivered in 15-20 days but some do take longer. If the parcel takes longer than 20 days to deliver, Please let us know (before jumping for the feedback button) and we will try our best to resolve the problems. We pride ourselves in our packing. Please rest assured that the treasures that you get from us will be handled with utmost care and packed professionally to ensure that you receive it in pristine condition.
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