Rare British coin Alfred the Great sold for US$24,000

Rare British coin sold for 24,000 US$.

 Alfred the Great coin

One of the rarest coins ever minted in the British Islands was recently sold by Gemini, LLC on the 10th of January, on public auction, lot number 935.

The coin is minted by the king Alfred the Great and is considered to be one of the most beautiful pieces ever found, if not the most… The experts from Gemini graded this coin as “choice EF” and no one can deny this.

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The coin has a weight of 1,5 g , it’s made from silver and has the value of 1 penny. On the obverse the bust of the king appears, looking right with diadem on his head and wearing a military armor. The legend is ÆLFR-ED REX.

On the reverse, a monogram appears and can be easily read as LONDONIA. A small cross appears on the upper side.

This coin was found in Dr. John Gulick collection.

Alfred, son of Aethelwulf, was born around 849 and was king of Wessex from 871, till 899. His extraordinary life is recorded by a medieval chronical named He is well known for his military skills, proved during the battles against the Vikings. His victories saved the island of an occupation and made him the first king that received the epithet “the Great”.

Also, he is the first king that assumed the title REX SAXONUM, king of the Saxons. This title is known on some of his coins.

Another specific merit is that he was the first organizer of a fleet in the British Islands and the issued, around 880’s or even 890’s, a low code, known today as the Doom Book. After his death, for his behavior, he was made a saint by both the Catholic and the Orthodox Church. A feast is held for him every year on the 26th of October.

It also must be said that Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendent of King Alfred the Great, the connection being made by Matilda of Scotland.

The coin was estimated at 15,000 US$. But the collector’s wish to own a unique coin of an amazing king made the final sale price equal to 24,000 US$.

Vasilita Stefan

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