Auction Site is 10% Cheaper To Buy Coins Than Traditional Method

Buyers save 10% on buying coins from web auction sites compared to buying coins at public auctions.

In the past here is how the old system of Dealers selling your coins worked-

You shipped your coin to dealer to sell in a public auction that they promote and they spend your money on promoting their name and catalogue costs

There is a listing fee to be in catalogue

Sellers do not receive premium price only auction bid


He has to pay around 20% extra on top of auction bid

Credit card will incur an additional fee

As example a coin that is worth $100

At a public auction the buyer pays $123.00 for fees

If Seller runs his own site he will only charge $110.00

so coin is $13.00 cheaper for buyer and seller still receives the same $100.00

But the most important aspect as to why this old system is NOT good for the seller is that he has no communications with the buyer and does not know who the buyer is.

Our auction sites promote REPEAT BUSINESS, once a buyer has confidence in a seller he will come back for repeat buys.

Shop now for $10 off first Purchase

With public auctions there is no repeat business

Once only deal that the buyer pays more

Yes there will always be a market for the top coins that fetch high prices but for everyday buyers and sellers repeat business is the new way to go.

Please enjoy our coin auction in the privacy of your home.

Most of the ancient coins have been collected for more than a decade or even centuries and keep it longer as the coin collectors own them. Ancient coins found on the market were sold by the coin collectors. Coins with origin are valuable if they came from a well-known collector or collected works.

However, auctions sites are another trendy way to purchase coins. In addition to, most of the online shop enlisted their items for auction with the fixed price on it. You can search out for a good buys at auctions if you make out what you’ve need. Before you’ve reached out a certain level of knowledge, you do not have any idea of what is the best buy, what is an actually enviable ancient coin, and how much is their worth.

Additionally, this is the reason why I’m advocating an Auction site with reasonable prices as well as, reputable dealers. As prospect buyers, you can save at least 10% on buying coins from our auction sites compared to buying coins in an open auction. A perfect example is a coin that is worth of $100, while, at a public auction, it costs $123.00. If the dealer runs his own website, the buyers will only be charged by $110.00 only.

By simply starting your local dealers, with us, you can find the shops near close to your low and standard value coins. This is an excellent site to consider your coins and categorize into that range. You can obtain the benefit from the auction we offered by:

Our auction website has expanded up to international wide firms with a massive draw of bidders for them to see a variety of choices from the list of rare coin auctions.

Our seller’s fee range from 10% discount rate, which applied on the final bidding.

One of the most significant aspects of Auction site that the traditional system does not have is that the seller has a lack of communications with the buyer and do not have any idea who the buyer is. With our auction site, we extensively promote smart buy business, once the buyers have trusted a lot their coin dealer, they will be back for another good buys.

If you preferred a beneficial result, putting your coins into our auction is one process of selling coins. Our auction site is the perfect choices which consist of a passionate group of bidders that bring favourable results for you, the seller, and closer to the retail side of the market. This enthusiasm is the nature of our auction. So, be with us and surely you can get a reasonable price for your coins.

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