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Perth Mint Lunar Series

Perth Mint Coins were generated by Perth Mint in Australia from 1996 until 2007 to correspond with the Chinese calendar for such years. These coins were unique because they provided some investors the chance to purchase authentic collector coins. Meanwhile, generation of the Perth Mint Coins was stopped in 2007.

Twelve of one gold coins take premiums over accepted one ounce bullion coins like American Eagle Gold Coins and Krugerrands. The premiums of the Perth Mint Lunar Series coins diverge based on its availability and demand. The year 2000 for 1 ounce Gold Dragon is the main coin in the series.

chinese lunar gold coin

Chinese Lunar Calendar

The coins of the Perth Mint Series support the twelve year Chinese calendar which, dated 2600 BC. Every year is named after every animal, and each animal representation is directed with five elements such as fire, metal, water, and wood. Perth Mint Coins became unique because of its certain value so, global coin collectors are drawn to these coins, which are considered the most preferred coins generated in recent times.

Perth Mint Coins

tiger gold coin

Perth Mint Gold Coins were generated in different sizes over the years, from 32.15 ounces or (1/20-oz). Nevertheless, 1 ounce coin was the ideal choice for coin collectors, who now compel the market. As part of the rule, 1 oz coin is most hunted after by coin collectors.

In fact, Gold Coins contain (.9999) pure gold. Gold coins found in the Western part have copper with an alloy and makes the coins tougher and preserves its elasticity during use. Due to its softness, the Perth Mints sealed every coin in a durable plastic capsule.

Moreover, production of the 1 ounce gold coins for every year was restricted to 30,000. However, only 3 set of coins along the Series achieved the generation limit, the year 2000(for Gold Dragon), 2001 (for Gold Snake), and the year 2002(for Gold Horse).

Some of the coins under the Lunar Series reached out the 30,000 coin production limit when the Perth Mint stopped that Series. Mintages under the Perth Mint Lunar Series Coins have been issued by the Perth Mint.

gold sovereign coin

Australian Sovereign Coin:

Gold Sovereign Coins 1901 Rare Uncirculated Veil Sovereign B.P

Saint George and the Dragon

An innovative and repeal design was presented featuring Saint George slaughtering a dragon, and it was created by a talented and young Italian, Benedetto Pistrucci. This classic design of this gold sovereign’s coins nowadays considered as one of the global most extensively acknowledged coins.

Royal Mint Ended Gold Sovereign Creation

During the First World War, Britain required gold bullion to sponsors the war. Banknotes were presented into regular transmission, and the gold sovereign considered to be utilized in daily transactions. Production of the gold sovereign at the Royal Mint was ended but, some were produced again in 1925.

Bullion Sovereigns

From 1957, bullion sovereigns were produced annually until 1968, then, not in 1974 when usual production was begun once again.

Proof Sovereigns and Perth Mint gold Bars

In 1989, a particular 500 memorial design was formed, inspired by the first gold sovereign coins, featuring H.M. Queen Elizabeth II seated on her throne. This was only presented as evidence. Though it seemed sensibly admired at that time, demand for it has totally grow few years ago, possibly because it is a single-date type coin, it is insisting by both type and date collectors, as well.

In 2005, the Royal Mint released an additional new sovereign design. In fact, it is a twist with the previous design. This coin was presented in standard circulation and proof versions. Like the first design, it seems to be demand patterns since 1989, but the demand become more strengthen as time ounce gold bullion bar

The Future

It seems that gold sovereign’s coin 1901 will keep on to be hit each year for all coin collectors. They have become famous as souvenir item for specific events.

Technical Specifications

Thickness: 22.05 millimetres.

Depth: 1.0 -1.4 millimetres.

Mass: 7.98 grams.

Alloy: 22 carat gold (0.917 parts per 1000)

Real gold c grams (0.2354 troy oz)

Date first released in present format: 1817

First date ever released: 1489

2011 Kangaroo One Ounce Gold Coin

kangaroo gold coin

The design and issue details for the Perth Mints 2011 Gold Kangaroo coins were revealed. It features a fresh version of one of Australians most recognizable animals. It also consists of 99.99% pure gold coins and available in bullion’s mass ranging from 1/10 oz to 1 kilogram.

The recent design shows the icon of a kangaroo lay over on the rays of the sun. The caption “Australian Kangaroo” occurs on the top with the indicated date “2011”, bullion’s mass, and .9999 (Gold). The “P” serves as the mint mark for the Perth Mint occurs between the rays of the sun.

The 2011 Australia Kangaroo 1oz Gold Coin BU was issued last 2011 by the Perth Mint and belongs to the Kangaroo set of gold coins. In fact, every 24 carat gold coin consists of 31.1035 grams or 1 troy (oz) of gold and its face value and legal tender is designated into 100. While the 1oz coins are usually the most well-liked by bullion financers, the Australia’s 2011 Kangaroo Gold coin also available in fractional sizes such as 1/2, ¼, 1/10, and 1/20 oz.

s Gold Chinese Mythological Character Longlivity

Brilliant characters seize centre stage in Chinese myths, a vast collection of antique legends, myths and cultural beliefs. Some of the most admired characters are sacred as the incarnation of luck, achievement, prolonged existence and prosperity. Most of them are displayed in several homes and offices; these figures employ an influential power in the lives of many people. This rectangular coin illustrates a Chinese mythical figure representing permanence.

The coins are minted by The Perth Mint from 5grams and 10grams containing 99.99% pure gold in sample quality. It also considered as part of Australian Legal Tender and each coin is released under the1965’s Australian Currency Act. Every coin illustrates the icon of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse of the coin. Above all, the coin is accommodated in a colourful demonstrated presentation sleeve and card.ideal for

investorscollectors parcel lots

2013 Year of the Snake Gold Coins

2013 Year of the Snake Gold Proof Coins are presented in three different dimensions such as ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce. In addition to, the Perth Mint has produced a three-coin set, which contains the trio of coins.

urthermore, the three-coin set is listed above with a mintage of 3,000. The individual coins and the three series of coins are available in an oval-shaped exhibit is completed with a shiny timber-effect lid. Four different “2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coins” are accessible from the Perth Mint. The four sizes include 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce, 1 kilo, and 2 ounce.

Four different 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coins are available from the Perth Mint. The four sizes include 1 kilo, 2 ounce, 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce. The 1 kilo, 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce proof coins are sold separately. A three-coin set is also available containing the three smallest sizes, which literally means the 2 ounce coin is established just within the set.

In fact, the highest mintage for the three-coin set is only consists of 1,000. Every coin and set arrives in a Perth Mint display case with the shipper and a numbered certificate of legitimacy. Individually, this gold was sold and these three-coin sets may be acquired directly from the Perth Mint located in Australia.

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