Sweden will be worlds first Cashless Country

Sweden will be worlds first Cashless CountrySweden will be the first modern country to be cashless. Already banks are refusing to take coins and notes. There are appro 80 billion in Swedish crowns circulating now compared to some 106 billion just 6 years ago Other European countries will follow soon Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole. Obviously now with new card systems that many countries will follow over the next few years But how will this affect the price of Numismatic coins ? Modern day coins only cost cents to make so have no real value just melt down copper or nickel price.

Bitcoins will become more popular and are exempt from Vat across Europe Some conspiracy theories is Governments want one world currency , only time will tell if bitcoin does become an excepted worldwide currency

 kronor gold coin

Gold Coins Have always ,and I think will always be popular with top end collectors or investors Let’s face it there just not enough gold to go around, and when you consider that developing countries are now such huge buyers of gold coins from India to china. Even turkey has one of the highest gold ownership in the world for coins and gold jewelry The price may be manipulated but what commodity isn’t traded these days from spices and palm oil everything is traded in this modern world so why would gold not also be traded and speculated on and also manipulated. silver coin sweden


Pure 99% silver coins are tax free in most countries a s bullion and are popular investors a s well as collectors So if cashless society or not the price of these coins will be pegged to the spot price of silver Other coins will be collected for their numismatic value so there will be stage where old coins will be treated a s ancient coins and are the perfect item to leave a s heirloom to pass down to the next generation . as they will not relate to coins or notes a s we do.so it will be good connection from by gone era to leave coins so your grandchild can relate more to your present day lifestyle


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