How To Clean Paper Money

How To Clean Paper MoneyPaper money can quickly collect stains and impurities. By using incorrect cleaning methods the notes can degrade easily and quickly. As it can be a bit tricky to clean paper notes we have created a simple and easy ‘how to’ video to clean dirty paper money.

What You Need To Clean Paper Money

1. A clean plastic lid  which is used as a clean surface

2. A clean plastic container or bowl full of warm soapy water

3. Dish washing soap  

4. One cup of water 

5. A sponge.

How To Clean Paper Money

How to Clean Paper Money

  • Place your old paper money on the clean plastic surface
  • Pour the water in the container
  • Add a small amount of dish washing soap
  • Dip the sponge in the soapy water
  • Very softly wipe the note laterally, from the middle to the edges
  • Be sure not to scrub or aggressively wipe the note to avoid tear and damages
  • Make sure you lightly wipe both ends of the notes
  • Turn the note over and repeat the same cleaning process
  • To dry, air drying is the best option. It’s not recommended to fan dry as the note can blow away. If the note is creased after drying you can try and flatten it by using a heavy book on top.

How To Clean Paper Money

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