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The owners of Opal plus, Wayne and Estela Sedawie first started to buy from the Perth mint in 1988 when they lived in Perth Western Australia. Coins were purchased for their private collection of Silver and Gold coins.

Many times they visited impressive Perth Mint buildings on weekends to view the new coins.

In 2007 the company was appointed as a distributor for Perth Mint.

They can recommend Perth Mint coins for quality coins for enjoyment or investment as they have done so for the last 21 years

Treasures Of Australia Series

Perth Mint gold treasures coin

As operators of gemstone auction sites the Treasures Of Australia coins were very popular with our members, especially the Diamond, sapphire and Opal series.

These coins, with unique patented locket insert of gemstone are 99.9% silver and are certified with a certificate and presentation box.

Treasures Of Australia would have to be one of the Perth mint most popular series.

The Treasure Of Australia Gold series is due out next year and is a must for collectors of the treasures series.

Shop now for $10 off your first purchase

Perth Mint has a reputation of bring out collection series that are very popular, some recent series are

Famous Battle series, 5 coin series in silver coins ,

Discover Australia the Dreaming series in silver and gold coins

Australian Lunar in silver and gold Coins.

Chinese Astrological Series in gold and silver coins

Orbit and Beyond silver coins

The silver coin series are sold out quickly each year, sometime like the 2009 Kookaburra series 300,000 coins sold out in 6 weeks.

These silver coins are always popular

Koala coins series is always popular and 2010 the year of the Tiger will see this popular coin sell well also, so do order ahead if you can as all Perth mint distributors only have small allowance and these coins will sell out in 1-2 months.

Chinese buyers are already asking about this coin as it is a very strong coin for these collectors .

Platinum coins have been popular with informed buyers as platinum is a very expensive metal and is popular in Japan where most of our sales have been.

Our Japanese buyers inform us that during WW11, as residents they had to give ,or wanted to give gold jewellery to the war effort but were allowed to keep platinum jewellery, so sinceW11 they have enjoyed platinum coins.

Investors have speculated and have seen large increase in value of these coins.

Latest releases

As a buyer it is always difficult to pick which Perth mint coins will be popular as an investment.

The Perth Mint produces half of their production to unique Australia themes and aim at Local market, the local series include for example The Antartic,100 years swimming, Sydney world games etc

The other series are aimed at more an international market and these coins always seem to be high in demand, even the Transformer series was sold out quickly.

So try pick out series that have broad market such as Treasures Of Australia series, Battle series ,Lunar series especially silver Tiger series for 2010


Perth Mint

The history of The Perth Mint began with the establishment of the Perth’s branch of Britain’s Royal Mint since 1899. During that those times, half and gold sovereigns were used all through the British Empire as each day circulating coins and it was the Royal Mint’s accountability to supply them.

Relatively, distributing gold to London and then transporting them back to Britain’s colonies, the Royal Mint manufacture a quantity of branch mints during the Empire in places where gold was originated. The Perth Mint was one of the well-refined gold mined in Western Australia, which turns into sovereigns.

When sovereigns were reserved from circulation since 1931, the Mint utilized its skills in the creation of other coins, while still sustaining to refine gold. It stayed under British ownership until 1970 when the supervision passed to the Government of Western Australian. Moreover, Gold Corporation was produced under its own Act of Parliament(Gold Corporation Act 1987) to obtain over the operations of the Mint and begin the Australia’s certified bullion coin program.

gold nugget coin

However, the Australian Nugget coin was started since 1987, and was followed by several other flourishing Australian official tender bullion coin programs, numismatic and commemorative coins. Today, Gold Corporation is commonly known, The Perth Mint assists investment in valuable metals not only by providing coins and bars.

Throughout the various products presented through Perth Mint Depository, Perth Mint has a status for improvement and superb excellence in its commemorative and numismatic coins and is considered as a significant supplier of valuable metal blanks to other mints, plus some other major mints in the world.

With more than 80% for its proceeds, exports fromGold Corporation became the eleventh leading exporter in Western Australia. The Perth Mint has become an indispensable element of any tourists who visit the “golden” State of Western Australia. They are usually presenting an exceptional collection of attractions, including the magnificent Gold Pour.

In fact, they have the possibility to hold a 400 oz pure gold bar. Also, the Mint’s Gold Exhibition and trade facilities magnetize thousands of global as well as, interstate and local visitors every year. Also Perth Mint has an undefined capability to carry on generating coins that have not met their highest mintage.

The fact that there is an unfamiliar Treasury settled utmost mintage that might be even higher positively adds another feature with such situation. The Perth Mint does seem to be cognizant of collector’s idea and their selling values. They seem to be trying to control their fair capability in such way as to stabilize pursuing cost-effective chances and allocating collectors.

On the other hand, it is depressing that whenever there is an accepted product that trades out rapidly, there is the alarming opportunity that it may be re-issued in different packaging alternative. From the perception of US-based collectors, it is truly expecting that the greatest mintage refers to the overall number of coins that may be minted and produced across all packaging preference.

Collectors from other parts of the earth may have less severe expectations. While they may achieve an additional 1,000 units of sales from the forthcoming Four Coin Sets, their potential high relief silver proof coins may create less eagerness and experience slower sales if collectors begin to become disappointed by the hope of “re-packaging” it.

The reality that Perth Mint collector coins can officially be minted perpetually (as long as the Treasury settled utmost mintage is not met) also considers as a long-term damage. For bullion coins with infinite mintages, the Perth Mint has usually specified a date at which production will be stopped, leading to an absolute mintage. Overall, some similar idea must be applied with some coin collectors, as well.


October 2011,Perth mint announces the Worlds largest GOLD COIN.

One tonne 99.99% pure gold

Gold coin is over 80 centimeters wide and over 12 cm thick.

One tonne is 1,000 kilos or equivalent to 35,274 appro one ounce gold coins.

Gold coin was struck in Perth Mint.

Gold coin was produced in the popular gold kangaroo coin series.

This will help establish the kangaroo s one of the worlds most desirable gold coin

The first gold coins made entirely of gold were made by the ancient Egyptians in 2700 BC for gifts but not for commerce.

The Ancient Lydia in 560 BC were the first to use gold coins for commerce and Ying Yuan in 5th Centenary in China.

16-17th- Century rules in South India produced small gold Fanams coins for trade

Popular gold coins include Royal Canadian maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand and Sovereigns.

British Gold Sovereigns have been the most popular gold coin and were first produced in 1817 and readily excepted by commerce worldwide

The Perth Mint made gold sovereigns from 1899 to 1931

USA actually banned residents form owing gold coins in 1933 with Executive Order 6102 until 1975 and in that period Russia produced vast quantities of gold 5 and 10 Russian Roubles gold coins Chervonetz coins.

Today India is regarded as the worlds largest market for gold but next year China is expected to overtake India as Chinese are now being promoted to buy gold coins through their government which is the first time that have done so ,so we expect demand for gold coins to be strong from 2010 due to china as emergence as a gold coin market

Today the Perth Mint has high worldwide reputation for gold coins.

Collectors should consider adding Perth mint gold Coins to their portfolio or coin collections

New releases for 2010 include


Perth mint has always had good following for it Chinese theme releases.

Year of the Tiger covers people born in 1926,1938,1950,1962, 1974,1986,1998,2010

People born in these years are considered Leaders and courageous.

Only 30,000 one ounce coins will be minted

Also available in 10 kilos,1 kilo, 10 oz,2 oz, 1 oz,1/2 oz,1/4 oz/1/20th


The Australian kangaroo is one of the most recognized wildlife symbols worldwide.

The coin portraying two kangaroos boxing in the outback desert

Gold coin is available in one kilo,1 oz,1/2 oz,1/3 oz,1/10 oz.

Only 350,000 one ounce coins will be minted


Silver coins have been used for some 6,000 years and have been most popular as valuable trading coin.

Even the ancient Roman Empire understood the value and rarity of silver and only Rome was allowed to make silver coins and its provinces or colonies were only allowed to make bronze or copper coins

The Perth mint has good following for collectors who enjoy the top workmanship and craftsmanship in the silver coin designs.

Investors also collect Perth Mint silver coins due to their strong reputation and 99.99% silver content

Silver is said to be undervalued compared to Gold in 2009 this is due to silver being used in industry from everyday items to electronics.

China in 2009 has also only just bought out its first kilo, half kilo, 10 ounce and one ounce coins made in silver.

And for the first time and in late 2009 Chinese government is promoting ownership of silver coins to its population.

This communist county has never promoted silver coins before and with stronger china demand will drive up price silver world wide

2010 will be good year for Perth mint silver coins with new releases of


Perth mint has always had good following for it Chinese theme releases.

Year of the Tiger covers people born in 1926,1938,1950,1962, 1974,1986,1998,2010

People born in these years are considered Leaders and courageous.

Only 300,000 one ounce coins will be minted

Also available in 10 kilos,1 kilo, 10 oz,5 oz,2 oz, 1 oz,1/2 oz


The laughing kookaburra has been a popular series.

Many collectors have the entire kookaburra series

And are available in one kilo, 10 ounces and one ounce.

Mint is set at 300,000 one ounce coins only


The Koala is one of Australia’s most popular and world wide know animal.

This coin shows koala in its natural gumtree on a branch eating gum leaves.

The Koala coin is offered in four sizes. one kilo ,10 ounces, one ounce, half ounce


This Treasures of Australia has been one of the most popular series and many of the original coins sell now for 2-3 times the original price so they make excellent coins for investment and pleasure

The silver coin will have gram of gold dust/nugget in the patented locket design

The series consist of

2007 Treasures of Australia Sapphires 1 oz silver Coin

2008 Treasures of Australia Opals 1 oz silver Coin

2009 Treasures of Australia Diamonds 1 oz silver Coin

2010 Treasures of Australia Gold 1 oz silver Coin

The Treasures Of australia Gold and silver coin series will be available in febrauary 2010

The silver coin is 99.9% one ounce silver and contains half gram gold nuggets

The Gold coin is 99.9% one ounce gold and contains one gram gold nuggets

Both coins have the patented Locket system and are securly encased and in superb jarrah wood box with certificate

Only 7,500 silver coins and 1,000 gold coins will be minted

March 2011 will see the release of Treasures of Australia Pearl locket coin in gold and silver.

This popular coin has a natural keshi pearl from brome, Australia

.Keshi pearl is a natural pearl free form shape and enclosed in a locket inside the coin and inlaid inside a mother pearl shell.

Top quality workmanship to have an inlaid mother pearl inside a coin locket with freeform keshi pearl

Perth mint release some collectible coin series at end of 2009 including

The popular Australian sea Life series in half ounce silver coin.

The first coin Lionfish has sold out and leafy sea dragon will be followed by Seahorse and Moray Eel but do keep your eyes out for the Clownfish coin which we think will be the most popular as the fish resembles Nemo,so don’t miss out on this coin

The sea life is only half ounce silver but very popular.

Aussie coin collectors will be please with locally theme coins like Lachlan Macquarie, 2010 Australian Centenary of flight silver one ounce coin and Burke and Wills silver coin and Ned Kelly silver proof set

International flavoured coins include Pheidippidis marathon run 2,500 the anniversary silver coin and brilliant coin ,very thick and incredible fine details.

Famous battle coins series are popular, we think the most popular will be The Battle Of Gettysburg 1863 coin, other popular coins include Battle Of Cannae 216BC, Battle of Hastings 1066 and Battle Of Balaklava 1854 silver one ounce coin series.

As with most series coins one design is always the most popular so collectors cant afford to miss any coin in a series as price increase due to supply and demand when the Perth mint sells out of a particular coin

As example, the Treasures Of Australia series, the diamond coin was selling for $89 and now hard to find for $250

We think coins like Nemo or Gettysburg coin will also be in high demand and therefore price will escalate rapidly after Perth mint sells out.

2010 New Releases

The Dreaming series Discover Australia 2010 series of silver proof coins include all time popular Koala, Frilled Neck lizard, Saltwater crocodile, Platypus and Wombat coins.

Also this series will be available in gold coins 1/10, 1/25, and half Ounce.

This series is also popular as sets of five coins

2010 The Year of The Tiger should be another good year for coin collectors of Perth mint coins.

Tiger gold coins were sold out at start 2010 and in September the one ounce silver coins were sold out .

Demand is very strong for these precious metal coins and demand has been extremely strong from Europe due to their financial crises.

The 2011 rabbit lunar coins will have production mintage increased to 500,000 one ounce silver coins up from last years production of 300,000 coins.

2011 popular releases of Koala and famous kookaburra series is released late September 2010 and a sell out is also expected with these as well

Silver coins are available in ½ ounce. one ounce, two ounce,ten ounce, one kilo coin

The Perth mints new 1,000 tonne press is now operational and mint is still at full production capacity.

2010 gold bars Certicard from 5 grams to ounce with famous kangaroo motif and certified number in tamper proof packaging is popular for gold buyers who do not want to pay premium for coins and still have Perth mint hallmark which is world recognized.

Gold 2011 Gold Kangaroo coins are also available in ¼ oz, ½ oz,1 oz.


While the fabrication cost of bars is generally lower than coins, if portability and international tradability is important to you we suggest you consider bullion coins because:

  1. The wider distribution network of coins means they are more recognised. Alternatively, check with bullion dealers in the country you plan to visit to see if they are familiar with the AGR Matthey and Perth Mint marks.
  2. In some countries bars are taxable whereas legal tender is not. Since Perth Mint coins are legal tender, this can be a significant cost advantage when importing.
  3. When selling, the highly finished surface and milled edge serrations of a coin can make less knowledgeable bullion dealers more comfortable with coins than bars.
  4. The silver Kookaburra silver coin is available in 1 ounce and 10 ounce as well as Kilo coin as is readily excepted all over the world .
  5. Silver

Silver has been popular metal as hedge against inflation

Silver has wide use in the industries

Silver has doubled gold increase in past bull markets

Silver production is decreasing while demand rises


Silver bars .999 bullion

Silver bars in 5 oz, 10oz, one kilo 10 kilo are a popular way of investing in silver because reputable mints have standard size and purity

Silver bars are readily converted to cash in the silver industry


Silver coins are emerging as one of the most frequently used method of silver purchases

Due to purity and easily recognized mints and readily saleable item

Three silver coins are generally regarded for investors are

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