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100g Fine Gold Minted Bar Spiral of Life

50.000 x 30.000 x 5.000mm
重さ (g)

This fine gold minted bar features the deep relief Spiral of Life themed design of two Zebras battling and water flowing on the reverse. The obverse contains the MC logo, weight, metal and purity and country of origin, South Africa. A unique number is engraved along the bottom of the bar. The bar comes in MC branded Tamper-resistant packaging in assay which features the correlating unique number, weight and metal fineness on the back as well as an authentication QR code. The Spiral of Life series is available in various sizes and across our precious metals product range.

Packaging: 1) Certiline bar packs for each product 2) Bulk packaging for >5 bars in bulk boxes 3) Minted bar boxes for individual bars.

– Fine Gold: Made from 999.9 fine gold and refined by MetCon from responsibly sourced gold.
– High Relief: Through skill and technology, our bars feature deep and detailed relief on the design which exceed the norm for bullion minted bars and adds additional security through the complexity of production.
– Proof Quality: Each bar has a mirror finish surface quality contrasted by matt surface finishing to World Class proof quality.
– Master Designer: Designed and engraved by a Master Designer to exceptional standards enhancing our bars through both content and appearance.
– Unique Serial Number: Features a unique serial number engraved on the bar itself and on the packaging to ensure authenticity and traceability.
– Best Investment Pick: This product falls into the Bullion priced category with a minimal premium related to the spot price of precious metal.

The second design in the Spiral series depicts the Spiral of Life. The same formalistic composition turned upside down and mirrored. The spiral of life grows from the spiral found in a fossilized Ammonite. The design features two male Zebras fighting for dominance and represents the natural phenomenon of “survival of the fittest”. The Earth below shows the continent of Africa with the outer spiral splashing life-giving water over the Globe. Water is the biggest conservation challenge Southern Africa faces: The management and preservation of water is a huge concern for all Conservationists studying the survival of biospheres on the African Continent. Formalistically the design is structured around the number eight and also features symbols in threes to correlate with the Asian numeric thought processes.

Dimensions:30,2mm (W) x 50mm (L)Metal Content:100gPurity:999.9Tolerance:0.04%Quality:Proof QualityMetal:Fine Gold

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