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Gold nuggets are also salvaged from shipwrecks including the Espadarte shipwreck in 1558.

This ship was Portuguese ship that sailed to India in 1554 and broke her mast on the return voyage around the Cape of Good Hope and have Arqueonautas certificates.

These nuggets were well preserved a s they were wrapped and in strong storage boxes, as if not they would have been worn down smooth by sea currents

The Portuguese were strong traders in Africa and controlled mining operations in Mozambique where alluvial was found in rivers instead of mines ,so was easy to find and transport but most gold was alluvial so was lot work to find and process but there was plenty inexpensive labour in Africa to process this alluvial gold in late 1580s to take back to Portugal for smelting to gold bars

So you can own virgin specimen gold from this famous shipwreck that has certificate of authenticity

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