PayPal Payments

This website supports PayPal Instant Payment Notifications, which means that when a buyer pays for items using the inbuilt checkout, our server is automatically notified and the items are marked as Paid.

Sellers experiencing issues with items not being marked off automatically should follow these steps to ensure there PayPal settings are correct for our systems:

Step 1: Set Language Encoding

  1. Login to Paypal
  2. Click “Profile” at the top and then"Profile and Settings”
  3. Click “Selling tools” on the left hand side
  4. At the very bottom, under “More selling tools”, click “PayPal button language encoding”
  5. Click “More Options” button
  6. From the dropdown list, select “UTF-8”
  7. Make sure the second option is set to “yes”
  8. Click save

Step 2: Check IPN Settings

We have also seen sporadic issues with another setting in PayPal.

  1. Login to Paypal
  2. Click Profile > Profile & Settings
  3. Click “Selling tools” on the left hand side
  4. Click “update” next to “Instant Payment Notifications”
  5. Click “Choose IPN Settings” button
  6. In the Notification URL address, enter any address, for example
  7. Select “Receive IPN messages”
  8. Click save

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